Rules of Engagement

Hope For Tomorrow Rules and Regulations

Mentor Rules of Engagement

School policies and good judgment guide us in our interactions with our mentees during the year of Hope for Tomorrow. Following these rules of engagement will help build the trusting relationships we want with our mentees and our partner schools.

  • Please make attendance a priority – it is important to your mentee.
  • Appearance and appropriate dress are required. 
  • No gifts or money to mentees outside the program; small gifts are given to all the mentees at year-end.
  • Contact should only take place on school property (with the exception of the two field trip sessions).
  • No Facebook or other social networking; no emailing, texting, tweeting.
  • Do not give out your phone number, address, email, etc.
  • Do not attempt to sell any product.
  • Do not initiate discussion of personal religious beliefs.
  • Confidentiality is critical.
    • Conversations should be kept confidential unless a specific concern arises that you believe needs professional assistance.
    • Please read and refer to Hope for Tomorrow’s Policy and Procedures on Reporting Abuse, Neglect, Self-Harm, Bullying and any Volunteer Guidelines for each school district regarding your duty to report suspected child abuse and/or any other concerns.
    • A commitment agreement will be signed by each mentor-mentee partnership.
    • Anything shared by individuals within the group sessions should be kept confidential within the group.
  • Be aware that you represent the Hope for Tomorrow program during Hope for Tomorrow social gatherings and should act appropriately.