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Board of Directors

Hope For Tomorrow

Structure & Governance

Each chapter appoints a lead mentor or chapter lead who assumes responsibility for coordinating all chapter activities, communicating with school personnel, recruiting and training mentors, and engaging in fundraising, as appropriate. Chapter leads are assisted in managing their chapter’s activities through appointment of an operating board made up of representative mentors from the chapter. If there is more than one chapter in a particular school or community, the chapters may elect to form a single operating board to enhance sharing of resources and information.

The program and activities of Hope for Tomorrow are governed by a board of directors and, as necessary, individuals or committees that it designates. The board of directors is responsible for policy setting, fiscal guidance, and ongoing governance.

Hope for Tomorrow’s board of directors is made up of one representative from each of the operating boards. Officers of the board are elected from and by the full board of directors and include a chair, a vice chair, a treasurer, and a secretary. The board of directors from time to time may hire contract employees or consultants to perform certain duties.

2022/2023 Board Members

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